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1. ANUSH(Anuysh)
From Zend anaoša (Parthian anoš) "immortal" later "pleasant", "sweet". This name was also used in Persia. It is also a constituent in a number of complex words (Haykanush, Vardanush, Hranush). It…
From Armenian ser "love" and anush female particle (like Vardanush, Hranush). It is a spread name in Arm. The short forms are Siran, Sirush and Sirik.
From Armenian name Vardan and Persian dukht "daughter" i.e. "Vardan's daughter". It is a rare name now one of the forms of which is Vardanush having the same meaning.
From Armenian name Vardan and anush female particle which was Vardananush at first later - Vardanush by means of omission of an. It is a spread name the short form is Vardush.
From Armenian vard "rose" and uhi female suffix as the female variant of the names Vard and Vardan. It is in use since XVII c. till now no less than the name Vardanush, so the diminutive form is…

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